Teaganbear – Earth Day

Teaganbear made 8 songs for “The Protest Cypher” last year, protesting against pipelines and trying to stand up for the beautiful natural majesty of the Earth. He has renamed this collection of tunes to Earth Day and called it an EP. In celebration of Earth Day, we’re posting it here. Listen on SoundCloud or grab a Free Download on BandCamp!


Gaia S’preme – Phone on DND, No Texting Me

Here’s a super raw, dark, real, honest, and authentic rap tune by Gaia S’preme. The production / mixing / mastering is super tight. The instrumental backing track is contemplative and smooth, with a touch of orchestral vibes.

Sl9dge x Teaganbear – Meteor Shower

Sl9dge and Teaganbear originally made this track for BangerSound Cyphers Vol. 29 “The Solstice Cypher” (Curated by Rflect).

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Telescape – Monk

Year: 2200 // Planet: Earth
Deep in the vegetation, an ancient generator finally shuts down. The plants have covered the solar panels that power the last hibernation pod in the lab, and finally blocked out enough sun that the generator peacefully turned off. The pod senses the break in power, and immediately begins to wake its occupant. Steam hisses as the pod door slowly opens, tearing vines that criss-cross its surface.

A boy, about 18 years old, steps out of the pod with weak, shaking legs. He inches toward the exit of the lab, where the green vines, grass, and moss that cover every surface are glowing in the sunlight. Light rain peppers his face as he gazes out of the lab. Billowing clouds parade across the sky, and the street beyond is now a flat, endless meadow. Rectangular buildings sprout vines from the windows, and trees from the roofs. Such a peaceful, forgotten place is reminiscent of a shrine. Every shrine needs a monk, and now they finally have one.

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Unsolicited Tracks Vol. 1

Unsolicited Tracks Vol. 1 is the very first release by the brand new label Half Past Vibe Records and it is a compilation EP featuring two different fantastic artists: Dataist and Wax Mathews. The two tracks are quite an original & outside-the-box style of house music, and they seem to be more designed to get you groovin’ on the dance floor than intended to fit into any specific genres, but one might classify them as Tribal House / Tech House / Minimal House. The infectious rhythms of these four-on-the-floor beats are surely entrancing enough to get you dancing, whether in the club, in your chair, or while walking down the street!

.XO – Of All Her Jackets, She Takes My Sweater

Here’s a gem by .XO called “Of All Her Jackets, She Takes My Sweater”. It’s a melodic  Electronic / Trap / Future Bass track with a melancholy sweetness to it. The intro starts out mellow and chill, but then gradually increases in momentum, and builds into a beautiful and satisfyingly hard-hitting bass drop, with euphoric gliding synth leads and majestic chords. I especially love that it has a touch of orchestral feels to it.

Kfish – Information Overlord

I started this song with a sample called ‘Information Synth’, and I was reading a book about digital minimalism and being less distracted in the digital age despite the abundance of information constantly available, and how big tech companies profit off of our distraction with ad revenue. This song is about creating some space for us to be able to think, in an age full of distraction and information overload.
~ Kfish

Free Download: https://bangersound.bandcamp.com/track/kfish-information-overlord
Visualize on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vS2dSHgAuRw

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